Mechanical projects ludhiana jalandhar amritsar

mechanical projects, mechatronics projects
Speed braker Pneumatic Hammer Multi nut opener Continuous Variable Transmission Automatic Drain Cleaner Hydraulic Bridge Pneumatic sheet cutter Scissor Load Lifter Rotating Inventory store Smart Dustbin Head Light STEERING  Pneumatic based can crusher Box Shifting Machine Automatic Cleaner Abrasive Wear Testing Machine Automatic Brake System Automatic Seed Planter Spring stiffness Testing Hydraulic based Solar Grass Cutter  Solar spray pump Gearless power transmission solar hexa portable automatic Carjack Electromagnetic clutch system Battery operated soil leveler Intelligent Braking System Pneumatic punch machine Automatic bike stand Autmatic Cement machine for walls Foursided hacksaw motorised based Pneumatic Surface Grinding machine Pneumatic surface grinding with rotatinal cyllinder Padel operated water purifier Hydraulic /Pneumatic Multipurpose machine Bricks making Machine Multi operation machine at a time Seasaw based energy generation Four way hacksaw Sewage treatment plant Sewage waste…
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Electronics Projects ludhiana jalandhar phagwara punjab

Electronics projects
Videos Sample of Projects Click here Patient Alert system  Human follower Robot using ultrasonic sensor Arduino based RTC class Lights management system wheat cleaning based agriculture project Paddy planter agriculture projects Food grain quality testing sysytem Automatic pesticide sprayer with solar system- agriculture projects Automatic seed planter for farming – agriculture projects Automatic Artificial rain system Automatic farm house iriigation system Automatic Ambulance System Vehicle Security Using Alcohol Detection TRIAC BASED LOAD CONTROL SYSTEM WITH SINGLE PHASE ARDUINO BASED FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT WIRELESS ENERGY METER RECHARGE SYSTEM CAMERA LIGHTS ACTIVATE WITH LDR CIRCUIT  ARDUINO BASED INTELLIGENT CAR PARKING‘ FAN TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM Patient Alert System VHDL based counter on seven segment display vhdl based energy saver vhdl based remote controlled fire fighting vehicle vhdl based temperature monitoring system vhdl based gesture robot…
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